Vestdijk to slowly change into green, attractive city boulevard

The redevelopment of the Vestdijk-Hertogstraat-Kanaalstraat area will start on 3 September.  Work will begin on the northern part of Vestdijk.

“After an intensive dialogue process we are now actually working on the metamorphosis of the Vestdijk. At the beginning of 2020, our inner city will have a green and attractive city boulevard. It will be pleasant for residents to stay in and people to visit”, says City Councillor, Monique List, in a press release issued by the Eindhoven Municipality.

“We shall give more space to pedestrians and cyclists. There will be lanes for buses and cars. We shall create a healthy, green, climate-proof environment. The city centre will also remain accessible to everyone, including motorists. There is currently a study being done to look into an alternative to the so-called cut-off at the Vestdijk-Kanaalstraat intersection. This is at the request of the new board. We expect to be able to decide on this in October. ”

Phased approach

The work will be carried out in six phases and will last until the beginning of 2020. Many kinds of underground works such as renovating the sewer system will also be done. This work will, inevitably, cause problems. The aim is to keep the work as short and as limited as possible. Thanks to the phased approach, the city centre will remain accessible. Work starts on Vestdijk (from the junction 18 Septemberplein/Stationsweg) and ends in Hertogstraat.

In phase 1 (between 18 Septemberplein and Nieuwstraat/Dommelstraat) a test pavement is laid to test various paving materials. After making a definite choice, these materials will also be used in the coming years for redesigning the shopping streets with the red stones. It will also be used in Stratumseind for the ‘Captivating City Centre’ project). In September, there will also be areas with test paving in Demer and Nieuwstraat.


An extensive accessibility plan with (traffic) measures is being taken to keep the city centre easily accessible. These measures include (digital) route information in the city and on the motorway. There will also be traffic controllers, adapted traffic lights, and a temporary P + R Eindhoven Zuid (during weekends and events).

Due to work, there will be no bus traffic on Vestdijk. From 2 September, buses will use Emmasingel, Keizersgracht, and Wal. Bus line 5 will also get a modified route, via, for example, Parklaan and Stationsweg. The Heuvel parking garage remains accessible. During phases 1 and 2 (up to and including the beginning of February 2019) drivers can leave the city centre via Kanaalstraat (straight on) or turn right via Vestdijk/Hertogstraat.

More information

During the work, residents, businesses, and visitors will be kept informed. This will be done via news outlets, resident letters, and flyers. People can also visit the project’s website. From 3 September, the contractor will make the ‘Strabag Environment App’ available. This app can be downloaded on your mobile phone or tablet and will include a contact option. For questions and more information, interested parties are welcome to get more information every Wednesday afternoon. Come to the VDMA building, 39a Vestdijk, during the walk-in hours between 16:00 and 17:00.


Translated by: Chaitali Sengupta

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