Schools start; holiday over

Difficult to miss: schools start again! Dutch primary and secondary schools started today. Students have their introduction week. The summer holiday is truly over.

In the southern part of the Netherlands, primary and secondary schools started again Monday morning. At various places throughout the region, banners announced this.

These banners are intended as a warning to motorists and others who use busy roads and pass crossings near schools.

This week, organization Veilig Verkeer Nederland asked people to not use their cars. The reason for this appeal to the public is the number of accidents during the first week of a new school year. The number of accidents involving children under the age of 12 usually doubles!

The new academic year also begins for thousands of students in Eindhoven. Next week they will have an introductory week, during which they will get to know their fellow students, the city and university. The academic year starts on the third of  September. On this day, the first lectures start.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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