Eindhoven’s new CSG receives many visitors

Eindhoven’s new CSG, a special centre for victims of sexual violence, received a surprisingly high number of visitors.

According to police, 106 victims visited the centre in one year. The centre opened at the Catharina Hospital, in April last year. The number of visitors is three times higher than at similar centres throughout the Randstad (Rotterdam, Utrecht, Amsterdam, The Hague area).

The CSG itself confirms the numbers mentioned by police. It is not yet able to give a reason for the high number.

The Catharina Hospital’s CSG

Victims of rape or assault receive first aid at a CSG. The centre will only contact police if victims specifically give consent. In the centre, victims receive assistance from specialists including a nurse, doctor and vice detective.

In order to safeguard privacy of victims, the centre is situated in a quiet location of the Catharina Hospital. A special room is available for family members who can use it, while the victim is examined.

As mentioned above, victims do not need to decide straight away to report a crime. They may decide to do so at a later date. But by visiting a CSG, forensic and other evidence will have been gathered. This will help once the crime is reported.

It is estimated that almost 1 million Dutch people have experienced a form of sexual violence in their lives.

Many of the victims experience problems as a result. Sexual violence refers to any sexual act which is enforced. This can be through physical violence, threats of violence, blackmail and similar behaviour. Children as well as adults can be victims. It can happen via the Internet and in the ‘real world’.

More information (in Dutch) is to be found on the Catharina Hospital’s CSG website.


Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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