Charge for 5 mins, drive for 100km

With a new car charging centre at the Van der Valk Hotel in Eindhoven, cars can now be charged super quickly.

With five minutes at the electric charger, cars would be able to drive for another 100 kilometres. At least that is the theory. The first so-called High Power Chargers from Allego Chargers have been opened at the hotel. This makes the most modern charging docks in the Benelux along with a total of 50 charging points.

In addition to the High Power Chargers, there are also many standard charging stations. The American company, Tesla, has a whole row of charging stations. These luxury cars from America are then also constantly driving to and from the hotel.

Not every electric car is suitable for charging at such a super fast speed. This only works with the latest electric vehicles. Other electric cars can also be placed on the charger, but those will only take a little longer.

The expectation is that with the development of the electric cars, charging will become increasingly faster.


Translated by: Chaitali Sengupta

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