Hospital personnel can monitor you heart remotely

Personnel at Catharina Hospital can now provide ICD patients with remote heart monitoring. The hospital has set up a special remote care department.

An ICD is a device that is in the patient’s body. It has a shock function, allowing it to intervene in cases of life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias. Until recently, patients with such an ICD regularly had to go to the hospital to have that device be ‘read’, but from now on, this can be done at a distance.

Every night, the ICD automatically performs a cardiac check-up, and, using a bedside cabinet, the results can be sent to the hospital. In this way, personnel at Catharina Hospital can keep a remote eye on 1 500 patients who have an ICD or an implantable heart rhythm monitor.

That not only has the advantage that patients have to come to the hospital less often, it also ensures that deviating values can be discovered early on so that there can be acted upon in an earlier stage.


Translator: Bob

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