Philips embroiled in multi-million dollar indictment

Eindhoven’s tech company might have to pay up for polluting groundwater in the USA.

Tests conducted by the water utility found dioxane contaminants, an industrial solvent when ingested can cause liver- and kidney cancer.

On the 29 of march a federal judge in New York stated that the case against Philips intentionally delivering harmful waste between 1953 and 1989 may continue. The company has repeatedly appealed to the judge to throw out the case.

However, Philips is not the only responsible party for the mishap. The collective of the Long Island Industrial Group also is partly to blame. The indictment made by the court already determines that the toxic waste originates from the factories, which then contaminated underground aquifers.

Hicksville Water District puts the damage at $350ml (€283ml). In addition, the district claims another $600ml (486ml).

Source: studio040

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