Extra parking spaces at Science Park

The parking near the Ekkerswijer fishing pond will be paved and this should give the Science Park an extra 50 spaces.

The employees and visitors of the Science Park on Ekkersrijt, which is an industrial park, north of Eindhoven, have been struggling with a shortage of parking spaces. Even though parking is supposed to be on the own grounds of the individual companies, this has proven to be insufficient. The Son en Breugel Town Council already provided extra parking on the roads of the industrial estate, but these too proved insufficient.

The parking near the lake is also used by workers of the Science Park. But it is not paved, which leads to problems during wet or wintery conditions. The Town Council now wants to improve this situation.

The paving of the parking will cost €30 000. The City Council has yet to approve the plan.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Maurice

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