Wave of car break-ins in Meerhoven

Meerhoven has been hit by a wave break-ins into cars. It is mostly airbags, steering systems and navigations systems that are being stolen out of these cars.

Numerous people have had their cars broken into. A resident of Meerhoven was a victim of this crime. “We have a low police presence here. “There is little visible policing done here. It would make a big difference if the police were to patrol the area from time to time during the night”, she says.

The neighbourhood is also plagued by home burglaries and car thefts. It is unclear if these acts are committed by the same perpetrators. According to another resident, Daniëlle Neggers, people are feeling increasingly unsafe. “We also have to deal with young hoodlums who go around damaging vehicles in the parking garages at night. The police do little about this”, she says.

The area police have, however, asked people to be vigilant and to tip the police off. The suburb is busy setting up a neighbourhood crime prevention app. People who see suspicious activity can then warn each other.

A neighbourhood watch is also a good deterrent against burglaries and theft. Meerhoven does have such a team, but they do not seem to be making a difference.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Melinda

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