Investigation into ‘ball floors’ will take months

It will probably take months before Eindhoven knows which buildings are constructed in the way as the collapsed parking garage at Eindhoven Airport.

The City Council says there is a lot of to be inventoried. The investigation will require a lot of time. After 1999, about 15 000 buildings were built with so-called ‘ball floors’ countrywide. The danger of collapse of all those buildings must be investigated. Several municipalities have already closed similar buildings as a precaution.

In Eindhoven, the TU/e buildings with a similar construction to the Eindhoven Airport parking garage, have been inspected. It was found that these buildings are not in danger of collapse. The inspections were done by the educational institution itself. Results of other buildings in Eindhoven are still unknown, as investigations are still underway.

The Eindhoven Airport parking garage, which was still under construction, collapsed six months ago. No one was working at the time of the collapse, which happened over the weekend.

Six months later, there is still a mess on the field in front of the terminal of the airport. City buses run an improvised reroute and the problems at the place where the new garage, which was meant to ease parking problems around the airport, have only become bigger. Many companies have offices near the airport. Rush hour is also a nightmare for motorists.

Translated by: Bob

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