Falconcrest to close

Falconcrest, the Birds of Prey Park at Bokt, will close its doors.

After years of negotiations and complicated procedures, the municipality decided Falconcrest must close and leave the Bokt area. According to the municipality, the Park does not have the means to buy the farm and land at Bokt.

The Park and local residents have been at odds with each other for a long time. Local residents organized a petition objecting to a license for Falconcrest to remain at Bokt. The license would permit the Park to increase visitor-numbers to a maximum of 5,000. A judge questioned financial grounds and feasibility of the license.

The municipality offered a solution to Falconcrest’s owners. It proposed a move to Eindhovenseweg 44. Here, increasing visitor-numbers would cause no problems.

The municipality intends to sell the land at Bokt to local residents living near Falconcrest. Selling the land might raise about € 36,000. Part of the proceeds would help the Falconcrest owners to relocate elsewhere.

The owners were given two months to consider this proposal.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Kate

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