Large police order for VDL Bus & Coach

VDL will supply 875 new police cars over the next four years.

Mercedes-Bentz commissioned VDL Bus in Venlo, part of Bus & Coach, to convert their B-class into police cars. These will replace the Volkswagen Touran, currently used by Dutch national police.

Dutch national police ordered a total of 1,250 new Mercedes B-class vehicles. VDL will build 875 of these. Another company will build the remaining 375. However, VDL will supply components to this company.

The contract is for four years. It may be extended to seven years, should Dutch police need more cars.

This is not the first time VDL has converted police cars for Mercedes. VDL Bus already converted 256 vans in Venlo, based on the Mercedes Sprinter van.

Dutch ME (Mobiele Eenheid), the Dutch equivalent of flying squads or mobile police unit, uses these vans. The company is still working on completing this order.

The first converted car is aimed to be handed over to the police through Mercedes-Benz, towards the end of February 2018.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Kate

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