Assault and battery Stratumseind leads to ten months of youth detention

Assault and battery Stratumseind leads to ten months of youth detention

A 19-year-old man from Eindhoven has to go to youth detention for ten months (three of which conditional) for assault and battery at Stratumseind. In addition, the suspect has to be treated and he has to pay a compensation of more than 13,000 euros.

The victim of the abuse lost a tooth and a part of his jawbone. He fell backwards and still has a headache every day. In addition, he has trouble talking, he is forgetful and is struggling with concentration problems. After half a year, the 24-year-old man is still in physical therapy.

The initial charge of heavy abuse was swept by the court, because the suspect only hit once. He has been convicted of abuse with severe bodily injury. The court found it wrong that the man did not take into account the martial arts he practices in daily life: kickboxing. As a result, the suspect should have been able to estimate what kind of impact such a blunt strike could have made.

The suspect has been involved more frequently in similar crimes, so it was decided to apply the juvenile criminal law. An educational approach is required according to the judge. Hence the mandatory treatment and reporting obligation in the youth probation service.

Source: Studio040

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