100,000 euros for solar car Lightyear

100,000 euros for solar car Lightyear

Tessie Hartjes and Arjo van der Ham received 100,000 euros from the Postcodeloterij for their Lightyear project. Lightyear is a solar car which has 100% sustainability.

HArtjes is a student of Innovation Sciences at the TU/e and is currently engaged in her Master of Electrical Engineering. She wants to show with Lighyear, among other things, what good things technology can do in our society.

Hartjes and Van der Ham received the check of 100,000 euros last night in the broadcast of RTL Summer Night. “It was a total surprise for us,” says Hartjes. “We really did not know anything.”

Lightyear is ‘the better version of the Tesla’, says Hartjes. “Lightyear is a solar-powered car that is not dependent on the charging infrastructure, which makes it better than the Tesla, it works by means of solar panels on the roof and the hood. And the sun shines on your roof without doing anything for it. You do not have to plug in a charging point, so no hazardous substances are released, such as particulate mattert. ”

According to Hartjes, there is another advantage over the electric car Tesla. “Lightyear can reach three times the distance with the same amount of energy.”

The Lightyear project is still in the prototype phase, but next year the first Lightyear should be finished. The 100,000 euros will be invested in expanding the team and developing the prototype.

Photo by Qurein Biewenga

Source: Studio040

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