Máxima Medical Centre Gets 1 Mil For Maternity Care

Nemo Healthcare - 040 Verrloskunde Eindhoven - Maxima Medisch Centrum Velthoven

The Máxima Medical Centre is to receive EUR 1 million to find new ways to increase the safety of pregnancy and childbirth.The TU/e Foundation for Basic Perinatology will help with this research.

The money is being donated by the Weijerhorst Foundation. ‘We want fewer babies to be born prematurely or die during childbirth in the Netherlands. We want to contribute to this,” says a spokesperson for the Foundation.

Many pregnancies present with complications which are dangerous to both the mother and her unborn child. Premature births and oxygen deprivation are the most important of these.

This donation from the Weijerhorst means the TU/e can do further scientific research into the possibility of remote monitoring of mother and child. This would be done by using an elecrtocardiogram in combination with a fetal monitor to ensure the well-being of the unborn baby. This means women can be monitored at home.

Source: studio040

Translator: Melinda



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