Problems underground containers still not over

Problems underground containers still not over

The problems with the underground containers in Eindhoven and Geldrop-Mierlo are still not completely resolved. According to a spokeswoman for Cure Waste Management, there are still reports of non-working containers, even though they are already declining.

“We think that now 95 to 98 percent are open. We only occasionally find one that is closed, “spokesman Maaike Veenbrink said. A total of 50 waste bins suffered from the malfunction.

Because of the malfunction, the waste bins have to be manually opened and that has been done this weekend. But apparently, some were forgotten. “This was done by software engineers from the east of the country, and they did not know the area well. They thought they had them all but missed some.”

The Cure staff also notice that people think the containers are still closed, while this is not the case. “They are used to open the containers with their passport, which allows for unlocking. This is not necessary, but because people are not used to it, they think the container is closed.”

The problems with the underground containers started on Thursday after a software update. It is the intention that all bins will be fully operational this week.

Source: Studio040

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  1. Disgraceful state of affairs. People without stadspas(en) just throwing rubbish on the streets and waiting 7 days for Cure Afvalbeheer to come around again (ratten/muizen/foxen?). Even if you report it via Buitenbeter it takes 3-5 working days for the gemeente to pass the message along. And all the idiots putting cardboard and bottles in the restjes bins. We should all complain and stop paying gemeentelijk belasting – that might get the gemeente to fix these dirty streets!


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