Europe Critical Of Chip Manufacturer, NXP’s, Take-over

The European Commision is concerned about the take-over of chip manufacturer, NXP, from Eindhoven by the American company, Qualcomm. Brussels is afraid this will lead to unfair competition.

Europe is to assess whether the combination of the two companies will not be too powerful for the market. Qualcomm has offered about 43 billion Euro for NXP. Brussels is now taking extra time to thoroughly study the take-over.

According to the European Commision the take-over can lead to higher prices and less choice on the market. Qualcomm has a large marketshare of the chip market for mobile telephones and handheld computers. NXP is an important player in applications for the car-industry. Together they will form a mighty block, perhaps too mighty.

Results of the investigation are expected in October

Source: Studio040
Translator: Maurice

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