TU/e may limit number of students even more

There may be even more limits placed on the number of students admitted to the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Last year it became evident that only a fixed number of students would be admitted to the Industrial Design, Biomedical Technology, Industrial Engineering and Software Science departments.

Now this may also be the case in the Electrical Engineering and possibly other departments as well, warns Victor van der Chijs, chairman of the 4TU Federation, on the radio station, BNR.

The TU/e can barely accommodate the number of students being admitted at present.  As a result there a fewer graduates, and the quality of education is being affected. TU/e management chairman, Jan Mengelers, has said in the past that the number of prospective students in the technical fields is far greater than the financial aid given by The Hague. He is asking for assistance from the Ministry of Education.

The ministry has been campaigning for more students in the technical fields for many years. The goal of four-out-of-ten students choosing this field of study has now been achieved. Funding is, however, not in line with this goal.

Wageningen University and the Twente and Delft Universities of Technology have the same issue, but the TU/e is especially badly affected. This is due to threatening shortage of technical staff at the industries specific to the Brainport region.

Source: studio040

Translator: Melinda

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