Eindhoven has the first local ‘summer day’ of the country

Eindhoven has the first local 'summer day' of the country

The first local ‘summer day’ of the year is a fact. A temperature of 25.2 degrees Celsius was reached at 11:10 in Eindhoven yesterday. According to Weeronline, the city is the first this year to reach the 25-degree threshold.

Over the course of the day, temperatures rose a little further. Today the maxima are even expected to reach 29 degrees. Normally it is about 19 degrees in Noord-Brabant in the middle of May.

The first day of the 25-degree threshold was exceeded slightly later than normal. On average, this temperature is reached for the first time in the Netherlands on 9 May.

However, the warm temperatures are short-lived. Thursday, the high temperatures are driven away by rain and possibly even thunderstorms.

Source: Studio040

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