Eindhoven Region: 600 million Euro for fotonica-technology

Photo credit: Studio040

The Brainport-region wants 600 million Euro from the new cabinet to make the fotonica-technology a success. This is confirmed by the Eindhoven city council. The new technology is being developed at the TU/e, and will make data-traffic much faster, with less energy consumption.

Internationally there are high expectations of fotonica, and the Eindhoven region is the worldwide frontrunner in the development. The volume of data traffic keeps increasing on the internet. Through fotonica it will become much faster and energy efficient, because microchips work through light signals instead of electricity.

According to the Eindhoven councillor Depla the new technology will create 7000 new jobs. Therefore it is important the new cabinet will invest 600 million Euro, according to him.

The investment will be part of the agenda of the hightech-region Eindhoven. In the spring the Brainport-region will present its programme in The Hague. Because of the importance of the new ‘mainport’ of the Netherlands, cadditional investments can be done in South East Brabant. This will mean more money for new technology like fotonica but also, for example, better rail links to Germany and better cultural facilities.

Researchers of the TU/e have been working for years on the development of fotonica. A new fotonica-institute will open its doors on the university campus next year.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Maurice

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