DNA leads to assailant of elderly woman

Photo credit: Studio040

Police arrested a 26-year-old Eindhoven citizen who is suspected of sexual assault of a 79-year-old woman in her home with the help of DNA material.

The woman was watching tv on Saturday 11 January around 20:30 hours as someone was knocking on her door. When she opened the door she was immediately pushed in to her home by an unknown man where he groped and kissed her. He also tried to force the victim to provide sexual acts. The woman started to scream. The perpetrator got scared and went away.

The victim contacted the neighbours in a severe emotional state, after which the police was called. They immediately held an extensive neighbourhood research. DNA material was found and sent to the ‘Nederlands Forensisch Instituut’ (Dutch Forensic Institute). A few days later there was already a match.

The suspect is in custody for further inquiries. Investigation if the man has been involved in several sexual crimes will be done.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Bob

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  1. I would just like to say, politely, that the phrasing of this headline implies that the elderly woman was the assailant, not the victim. The corrected title should read “assailant of elderly woman.”

  2. I’d recommend fixing the title. This one seems to imply that the elderly woman is the assailant. Perhaps you want to put ‘of’ between the word ‘assailant’ and ‘elderly woman’. Or “DNA leads to suspect in assault against elderly woman.” Just a suggestion. I hope this helps.


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