Banner “from 50 to 70” placed at speed camera

A banner with the text “from 50 to 70” shines in the speed camera at the intersection of Zeelsterstraat and Beukenlaan. It is yet another manifestation of the protest on behalf of Cees van Bladel against the maximum speed limit of 50 in force at that section of the ring road.

Passing drivers gave a thumbs up when they saw Van Bladel erecting the banner. The city council has to assess if the maximum speed limit can be increased.

There are more places on the ring road where there is uncertainty about the traffic situation. Therefore, councillor Jannie Visscher and the police are conducting an investigation into the entire ring road and all the traffic signs. There should be a “major clean up”.

Cees van Bladel has stated that the priority should be the speed limit on this section of the ring road at Zeelsterstraat.

Source: Studio040

Translation: Lenise Collimore

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