LPF prefers permanent cameras at Central Station

LPF prefers permanent cameras at Central Station

The LPF Eindhoven (right wing party) would rather see permanent than temporary cameras at the Central Station.

Permanent cameras would be better according to the party. Research has shown that video surveillance helps, says the party. The LPF is afraid that the disturbances will increase when the cameras disappear.

“In the recent past, camera surveillance has had a positive effect on safety in the station area and the Vestdijk. At the time it decreased disturbances substantially. After the removal of the cameras the amount of disturbances greatly increased.”

Mayor Jorritsma decided last month to add two additional cameras at the station because the disturbances had increased considerably.

The LPF thinks that the station area, because of the many commuters, tourists and visitors, will always be a breeding ground for dealers, vagrants and pickpockets.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Cyril C

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