E52 Live! Puts Eindhoven innovations on stage

E52 Live! Puts Eindhoven innovations on stage

Various Eindhoven inventions and innovations can be seen coming Wednesday at E52 Live! A live program by the media platform E52, that addresses the ten most eye-catching innovations.

For example, the TU/e student team behind Stella is present, the family car powered by solar energy. And the team that is developing Blue jay is there as well. The Blue Jay is a drone that can help in the household.

But there are many more presentations and demonstrations: a 3D printer that can scan and create a 3D print of one of the spectators on the spot. And with the help of the latest in the field of ultrasound, it is possible to see inside the muscles of a sportsman who strives, live on stage.

E52 Live! is next Wednesday at 19:00, in the VDMA building on the Vestdijk.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Cyril C

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