Buzinezzclub should help young people into work

Buzinezzclub should help young people into work

About forty young unemployed people on welfare should be helped back to study or work within six months. That is the purpose of the Buzinezzclub, which had its kick-off this afternoon in Eindhoven.

The Buzinezzclub is an initiative which has been organized in different cities in the Netherlands, with reasonable success. According to a spokesperson, about 60 percent of participants no longer need any welfare after six months.

Depending on the goal; training, study, a job or a business, youth are prepared for their next step through workshops, trainings and coaches.

The Buzinezzclub works with a ‘no cure no pay’-method: Eindhoven only has to pay for those people who no longer need to rely on welfare thus saving the town money. Other investors in the plan, do so from the standpoint of social entrepreneurship.

The kick-off of the Eindhoven branch of the Buzinezzclub was today, participants will commence their training starting next week.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Cyril Chorus

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