Strong increase in burglaries in student homes

Strong increase in burglaries in student homes

In recent months there has been a sharp increase in robberies in student rooms. Since the start of the new academic year 2016-2017  they have noticed more of these types of burglaries, police say.

The increase of burglaries in student homes at the beginning of a school year is a trend that comes back every year. In one house live several people, where there are often multiple laptops, phones and other valuable items to be found.

‘Thieves are able to hang out there a little easier because it is not always clear who has (strange) visits.’

The police has some advice for students.

– Don’t just let anyone inside. First check if your roommate is at home and if he or she knows the person who is at the door.

– Don’t leave valuable items such as laptops, smartphones and tablets in plain sight, opportunity makes the thief.

– Always lock your room well off if it’s not in your immediate view. So even if you’re at home and are enjoying a beer in the backyard.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Cyril Chorus

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