TU/e main building most sustainable in the world

TU/e, biofuel, EU, grant
The TU/e is to lead a renewable marine fuel project. Photo credit: Eindhoven News Media Library

The main building at Eindhoven University of Technology is set to be certified the most sustainable educational building in the world.

The certificate will be awarded on Tuesday, September 27th. The building, currently undergoing a complete renovation, will be named Atlas. Upon completion it is expected to have a BREEAM rating of 93.86%.

BREEAM is an international method of measuring the durability of structures and has been used for 250,000 buildings worldwide.

As well as being the most sustainable education building in the world, Atlas will also be one of the top three most sustainable buildings in the Netherlands.

The new building will be the university’s 4th gas-free structure as part of an effort to reduce gas consumption on campus by 75%.

Atlas will house the Department of Industrial Design, the Department of Engineering and Innovation Sciences, and the university’s administration and support services.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Lizzie Kean

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