Catching Pokémons at TU/e “Dream come true”

The Pokémon Go app is popular on the TU/e campus, with real Pokémon fans caught in the thrill of the chase.

One of the students, Michiel van Kooten (24), from Innovation Management, when asked why he catches Pokémons: "Pure nostalgia. I got my first card, Onyx, from a friend when I was six years old. Every morning before I went to primary school, I would eat my sandwich while watching Pokémon on TV. I saved cards, swapped them and played games with them."

Kim van der Slik (28), a graduate of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, and intern Bodine van der Lubbe (21), are asked what makes it so much fun?:
"It gets us outside. You walk past interesting things. PokéStops are works of art or special buildings. We didn’t know how popular it was until we saw guys here on campus calling out, ‘Oh, look, we need to be over there.’"

"It gives you the feeling that now you can catch Pokémon in the real world. We used to dream of that and now it has come true." According to Quintin Reisenberger and Jochem Marinissen, both aged sixteen and secondary school pupils.

Check out the full story in the TU/e Cursor, and the app for android and apple.

Source: TU/e Cursor
Editor: Peter Marijnissen

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