Reduction tennis court rent Eindhoven clubs

From August 1 Eindhoven tennis clubs receive a reduction for the tennis court rent of 500 euro per court. In return the Eindhoven tennis clubs will have to take care of the daily maintenance of the tennis courts themselves.

The municipality wants the clubs to be more independent in the future. Part of the policy of the Municipality of Eindhoven is to create vital and entrepreneurial clubs. They want sports to be affordable, but not to put too much pressure on the municipal budget.

The town will also look at ice sport, soccer, swimming and indoor sports. The tennis clubs are used as so-called business cases. Tennis was chosen, because it is the second ‘organized’ sport in the city. 7000 people are members of the Eindhoven tennis clubs.

The municipality that performs the management, maintenance and operation owns the bulk of the tennis courts. In many other municipalities tennis clubs are independent.

Souce: studio040
Translation: Maryanne Staal

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