Hotel Robot Hugo goes to work at Hampshire Hotel

The Hampshire Hotel ‘Crown Eindhoven’ has, as of today, a new and very special employee. His name is Robot Hugo.

Robot Hugo is the first robot which is being used on the job at a hotel in Eindhoven. He speaks nineteen languages, has two cameras at this disposal and can recognise the faces of guests up to six months later. He is about 50 centimetres in height.

Robot Hugo serves as an addition to the existing workforce. He can hand guests the room keys, entertain the kids, display a Power Point presentation, but also inform guests about the costs of taking a taxi to a particular location or how to reach a location in the city.

Of course Robot Hugo does not know it all, but he is capable of being directed from a distance. Should a guests have a query Robot Hugo does not know the answer to, employees can type in the answer via laptop and Robot Hugo will still be able to help the guests with their query.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Jennifer den Dekker

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