Science Hack Day Eindhoven at The Hub

Science Hack Day Eindhoven is an event where participants are brainstorming and designing for 32 hours. The result should be a ‘mind-blowing’ prototype or concept, according to the organization, that brings art, design, technology and science all together. On 21 and 22 May the fifth edition will take place in The Hub for Expats.

The challenge will focus on the following themes: smart cities, sustainability, mobility and health. Not only designers can participate, but the Science Hack Day challenges all disciplines to take part, from architects and marketing professionals to students and programmers.

The 32 hours is not just for the ‘fun’. The idea is that participants will discover new abilities and push boundaries. In addition there is a competitive element, because the best three prototypes or concepts receive a cash prize. In addition, they must present their project at the High Tech Capital event on May 25. Here the winners can talks with potential partners to see if further development of the project is possible.

Translation: NovaText Communications

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