Philips introduces special 24/7 care monitor for elderly

Philips launched a new state of the art system for monitoring elderly people for 24 hours a day. Care Sensus is the very latest and it monitors how the elder person is doing by various gadgets.

The Care Sensus measures whether someone is going out of the door, how often a person eats and whether medications are taken. This is all done automatically. If there is any deviation in the regular routine then a message is sent to the home care organization who can take relevant steps to correct it immediately.

If the refrigerator suddenly is opened twice a day, instead of a normal nine times a day, there may be something wrong with the eating and drinking pattern. Or if someone is lying down in bed for a longer period than normal, then the monitor picks that up too and care givers can go and have a look.

The product is now launched in America.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Usha Shankar

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