A new-build Strabrecht College a step closer

A new-build Strabrecht College is a step closer to becoming realized. A majority of the Council has said yes to the proposed new-build of the college.

Representation of the political parties, Het CDA, SP, GroenLinks and D66 in Geldrop Mierlo are positive about the proposed plans. According to het Strabrecht College a new building is required to improve on the quality of education, with more open work space and less classical education taking place. Independent studies have also found that a new-build will not be more expensive in the long term as compared to renovating the existing college building.

De VVD and DGG are less enthusiastic. They point to the dramatic decline of the number of pupils, from 2000 to 1350. These political parties are therefore asking if the 10 million euro investment for the new-build is justified, considering the risk that the college is contracting in terms of its student numbers. A reason given for the contraction of the number of pupils is the competition of more popular secondary schools such as het Augustinianum in Eindhoven.

Renovation is not an option according to Alderman Verdouw. This would only result in a 5 million euros cost saving, and does not account for maintenance costs, which would add up substantially. In addition the college would not be able to fulfil its ambitions to have for less classical education.

Strabrecht College was not the only matter being discussed by the council on Tuesday evening. New-build plans for primary school Dommeldal and de Beneden Beekloop School were also debated. If it is up to the schools they will be based in a shared building, but only share the technical facilities as this would reduce the costs immensily. The council does not think this amounts to a significant saving and wants the two schools to collaborate more within the building. In addition the community should also be able to use the new building. The council will decide in three weeks’ time.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Jennifer den Dekker

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