Milestone: 500 volunteers for Vrijwillige Hulpdienst

The Vrijwillige Hulpdienst Eindhoven (Voluntary Help Services Eindhoven) has recently welcomed its five hundredth volunteer.

They take care of people needing an extra helping hand in de Einhoven Region. Those who sign up will be linked to someone who can provide practical help or someone to listen to their story.

This is for people, for example, who are sick, have psychic issues, are burden as a caregiver or are socially isolated. For them it is nice to have someone to talk to, since loneliness is a major problem in our society, says Luc van Dijck, director of the Vrijwillige Hulpdienst.

Volunteers are linked to a ‘buddy’, keeping them in touch for a longer period of time. The wishes of the volunteer are of primary importance. What help will they give, to whom and what fits best practically within the possibilities? They get professional support, training and attention. There are currently ten different projects. "It would be great if those 500 volunteers later turns into 600," says Van Dyck.

Translation: Peter Marijnissen

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