About 1600 unemployed found job via project MKB

1600 persons received assistance with finding employment through the regional employment program MKB Werkt! (Middle and Small Business works!), in the last five years. The last year was especially successful in that 470 unemployed persons were able to get a job.

Of the group that were helped in 2015, almost 90 percent was receiving unemployment benefits. Forty percent of this group consisted of residents of Eindhoven, and the remaining sixty percent came from the surrounding municipalities.

The employment program consists of workshops about building a network, improving a CV and the vacancies service on the website of the MKB Eindhoven. Vacancies cafes are also held where potential employers and employees meet.

The middle and small business sector in the region of Eindhoven receives a government subsidy of 50.000 euro for the MKB Werkt! Program.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Jennifer den Dekker

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