Lack of space, tranquility, and mentality chase Dutch abroad

More than 12,500 people visited the Emigration Fair in Houten last weekend, compared to the 11.000 visitors last year. Of these future immigrants, 24% is looking for more peace and quiet, more space and a more natural environment to raise their children. 23% has had enough of the bad mentality in the Netherlands, 16% leaves for a new job and also 16% to enjoy their retirement.

Of the total population, two to three percent are seriously thinking about immigrating to a foreign country. Currently 148.000 people immigrate per year, which comes to 405 each day. This is 41% more than 10 year ago (source: CBS 2015). In general, immigrants have a positive and adventurous spirit and are looking to improve their quality of life. There are, however, also negative issues that play a role in deciding to leave the Netherlands, such as traffic jams, crime and their eyes irritating, dissatisfied and the rude mentality of their fellow citizens.

Popular countries are Spain, Portugal and France, but this year there is also much interest in Australia and New Zeeland, that has work for construction workers. Canada has ICT jobs available, and Scandinavian countries have employment opportunities in Healthcare. There were more than 30 hospitals, healthcare facilities and recruitment agencies looking for medical specialists and nurses, from France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway , Finland, England , Ireland, the Caribbean and even Abu Dhabi.

Translation: Peter Marijnissen

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