Interactive concert with Tin Men and the Telephone

Many concerts claim to be ‘interactive’, but no band involves their audience by using an app during its performance. Trio Tin man and the Telephone will be performing at the TU/e Gaslab on 3 March.

After you have downloaded the app musical genius Tony Roe and his companions will bring you music from everyday life, and directly integrate this into a musical trip filled with jazz, hip-hop, Balkan as well as classical music.

The three musicians who grew up with modern classical music, hip-hop, Balkan music and contemporary jazz present jazz in a new and exciting form. Their music can be described as provocative, seductive, comical, and mischievous but always with great musical depth and strong rhythms. Daily mundane events not normally noticed are picked up and transformed, whether it is the sound of the KPN Customer Service, the directions of the TomTom, screaming football fans, street sounds, and even animal sounds.

The new program Tinmendo will give the audience a live stage remote, using the app for iPhone or Android, give the audience influence over everything that is happening on stage. TU/e students can participate for free, others pay 5 euros, tickets can be reserved here.

Translation: Peter Marijnissen

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