Enormous anti-hangover breakfast on Statumseind

130 tables were set up on Stratumseind this morning for the people who celebrated Carnaval and wanted to get rid of their hangover.

The breakfast consisted of eggs, bacon and beer. About 30 bars are participating in this initiative. The goal was to give an extra push on the crowd and overall feeling of happiness on Carnaval Monday. There was place for 1500 people.

All 30 bars which participated in Stropdas-drinken (tie-drinking) on Sunday, also participated in this breakfast. Also bars that were not a part of the Stropdas-drinken were allowed to join in on this Monday morning.

Between 11:00 and 13:00 all party-goers with a hangover were welcome. After breakfast the tables remained, as there will be a dj and a sort of beer cantus (singing traditional songs and drinking beer).

Source: Studio040
Translation: Eva Nuwenhoud

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