Politicians have doubts about rebuilding city hall

The Eindhoven politicians have serious doubts about the plans to rebuild the city hall.

The plan is to currently renovate the ground floor and the restaurant for 1.7 million euros. According to Alderman Schreurs this is required. The wedding hall and restaurant are worn out and in need of repairs. Also with the renovation, the municipality hopes to create more room for flexible workspaces for officials.

But the political parties, such as the CDA (Cristian Democrats), ChristenUnie, Ouderen Appèl (elderly appeal) and PvdA (labour party) think that 1.7 million could possibly be better spent in times of austerity. At this point there are financial problems plaguing several institutions, such as the ice skating rink and the Muziekgebouw amongst others.

Because a contract has already been started for the remodeling, financial and legal risks to the cessation of the contract also potentially apply.

The political groups wanted to know more information about the future housing of Eindhoven officials before they can vote on the renovation of the town hall.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Aditi Chatterji

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