Politicians raise concerns over municipal budget

Eindhoven opposition parties raised concerns about the council’s bookkeeping during a debate on the municipal budget on Tuesday.

Coalition parties D66 (Democraten 66/Democrat party) and GroenLinks (Green Left) also voiced criticism. Issues highlighted were excessive borrowing and high debt, as well as uncertainty regarding solutions for the financial issues.

The Ijssportcentrum (ice sport centre) and Muziekgebouw (Music building) still face deficits, and there is a large hole in the school buildings budget. Political groups also questioned whether the municipality is equipped to care for the city’s troubled youth and disabled and chronically ill population.

The PvdA (Partij van de Arbeid/Labour Party) suggested postponing a series of investments in new roads in order to free up funds for educational buildings and the Muziekgebouw. While the party received support from coalition partner GroenLinks, councillor Seuren was reluctant to push planned investments indefinitely.

The alderman shared the groups’ concern about financial risks, however he remains satisfied with the municipal budget, saying it is balanced and provides room to invest.

Eindhoven’s budget is around €880million. In two weeks the council is due to approve or reject the budget.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Nicola Wood (LinkedIn)

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