Halloween prank by Jumbo deemed ‘inappropriate and tasteless’

A Jumbo branch in Eindhoven has apologized after a ‘tasteless’ Halloween prank. There were numerous complaints received about it.

In the shop there were fake cow brains and ‘severed limbs’.

"I understand that Halloween is also becoming popular in the Netherlands. But this is more appropriate in a costume shop or at Xenos, not in the supermarket where people get their food. For many people this is extremely shocking," said Claudia van den Heuvel from Eindhoven to Omroep Brabant.

The supermarket chain apologized and removed the offending items from the store.

"We decorated the store during Halloween for the last ten years in this manner. But we find that some customers are not happy, for that reason we have removed the items", said a spokesman of the super market chain to Studio040.

"There were also people who thought it was fun, but if there are people who are disturbed about it, we feel we have to do something about it."

Source: Studio040
Translation: Aditi Chatterji
Photo: Claudia van den Heuvel

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