‘Eindhoven Airport doesn’t care about its environment’

Eindhoven Airport is growing rapidly but local residents are not happy. Wim Scheffers of the campaign group ‘No Flights After Eleven’ is very annoyed by the noise and disturbance levels. “Eindhoven Airport just doesn’t care about its environment”

He complained that the plans for the growth of the airport carries on without considering the impact on the environment.

The only positive aspect of the plan, according to Scheffers, is that there may be an average of no more than three flights per day which are allowed to land late.

Scheffers complained that not much has been done with the three big plans and proposals coming from the region, to alleviate the problems.

– The flights were to begin an hour later on Sunday, so that people could sleep late one day a week.
– No increase in flights after eleven o’clock in the evening
– Slow growth of the airport so it can gradually switch to quieter aircraft.

"Nothing has been done with these plans, no progress has been made to implement them. While quieter aircraft are already in the market. Eindhoven Airport should make an effort to procure them".

Source: Studio040
Translation: Aditi Chatterji

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