New mega machine VDL arrived safely

The new ‘mega machine’ by VDL did travel safely over the Eindhoven ring road last night. In the middle of the night, by special transport, the device was carried from Germany to the factory in Hapert, where it ended up.

It is a so-called machines press of 200,000 kilos. In addition, the press measures 34 metres in length and is 5.5 meters wide. A road diversion had to be made to get the device well and good on its new spot.

The special transport arrived via Nijmegen at the North of Eindhoven, then travelled via the ring road towards the South. This type of machine is unique in the Netherlands. For VDL it is the only the second one they will be using. The press consists of one complete large part. This gives more strength and stability for pressing.

The machine will produce parts for car seats and wiper arms for the automotive industry.

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