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Roughly three weeks to go until the first International Social Friday, to be held on 25 September 2015 at Seats2Meet Strijp S Eindhoven.

Eindhoven News and Seats2Meet are very busy to prepare for the afternoon of free workshops in English. Both the giving and attending of workshops is free. Already 5 events have been planned.

At the moment on the agenda: ‘Graphology’ by Krisztina Toth from Write 2 Meet You, ‘Game Changers’ from Dirk Anton van Mulligen, Appreciative Inquiry by Els de Bakker from AI Collectief Zuid and the Eindhoven News presentation ‘@Home in Eindhoven’.

Graphology is the study of handwriting to determine a writer’s character. It is an analysis and is used for the evaluation of a personality. It is ideal for example in the following fields: self-awareness, recruitment, career guidance, child care advice (au pair, nanny): to help you choose an au pair or nanny – monitoring specific personality traits such as honesty, reliability and hidden aggression or child and family counselling. Krisztina will explain all about it.

Game Changers is about profiling as well. Dirk Anton van Mulligen, expert organisation and career development, will address the people who can transform organisations and will answer the question why being an international might be a big advantage.
Individuals are actively striving for a better future for coming generations and they have the unique ability to rewrite the rules of the game. They will then lead the institutions to decisions and conduct which benefit the future of the whole.

Els de Bakker from AI Collectief Zuid (a cooperation of entrepreneurs to enlarge the knowledge and use of the change, growth and development philosophy Appreciative Inquiry) will talk about a strength based approach of quality and process management. Appreciative Inquiry is about the search for the best in people, their organizations, and the world around them. With a systematic approach it discovers what gives "life" to a living system, when it is most effective, and most capable. The findings of this search enables communities, organizations and individuals to build a brilliant future since it is being loaded with the positive energy and experiences from the past and present.

In the presentation of Eindhoven News you will get to know the ins and outs about Eindhoven News. How did they survive for five years just with volunteers? What goes on behind the scenes to provide daily local news in English? Is it important to have an objective, independent English news source in Eindhoven and for whom?

On arrival you will be met by ‘doctors’ Wendie and Inge from the ‘Liefdesdokter’ (love doctor). They will take care of your social well-being during the afternoon and will make sure you will have interesting connections with other visitors. Their intention is to contribute to a world where people are more connected to their courageous heart.

The event was initiated because both parties (Seats2Meet and Eindhoven News) feel the international (minded) community also needs a location and opportunity to share their ideas. In the afternoon interested entrepreneurs, organisations and companies can hold workshops, discussions, test ideas, introduce new services or products and last but not least: can connect with other international minded people, entrepreneurs and organisations to improve further development of any kind.

Visit the Seats2Meet website for all details.

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