Geldrop-Mierlo inspects at first school day for ‘luxury absence’

During the first school day, following the summer vacation, 31 August, 2015, inspections will be held at schools in Gedrop-Mierlo, by school attendance officers. The inspections are necessary to investigate whether ‘luxury absence’ (luxe verzuim) is taking place. Luxury absence is an unauthorized extension of holidays while school is in session.

If the inspections show that children are absent from school, an initial inquiry will take place, in order to find out the reason for their absence. Should the reason prove to be doubtful or unknown, a further step will be taken by visiting the respective students’ homes. Municipalities inspect regularly for ‘luxury absence’. This is done in order to prevent parents from not taking their children on holidays during the official school breaks and also to ensure that parents do not extend their holidays while school is already in session.

The maximum fine for a first time offense can reach up to 500 Euros.

Source: Studio040
Translated by: Galit Diepens

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