New mobile app to detect skin cancer by SkinVision

SkinVision, a Dutch startup coached by EIT Digital Business Accelerator, developed a mobile app that makes it possible to check your skin for early detection of skin cancer.

With SkinVision you can make pictures of birthmarks or moles and check it through the app. By checking pictures of the spots regularly, you can monitor dangerous changes within a spot. Changes in shape, size and colour can be recognized in time. The online solution helps you to visit a doctor in the early stage and help prevent the development of melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer.

Possibly the detection ability will be enlarged for other varieties of skin cancer, in future. By taking a picture of a suspect lesion on your skin and submitting it in the online assessment algorithm as developed by SkinVision, an advice will be given. One can store the picture in a personal gallery and that enables you to compare pictures over time as well as the ability to share photos with your dermatologist or doctor. The app can be downloaded for free for iPhone and Android (Samsung) in the Appstore or Google Play.

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