Compromise for Muziekgebouw in distress

The Muziekgebouw will receive a financial breathing space now the council, the Muziekgebouw itself and several major partners, have put together six hundred thousand Euros until there is a definitive solution.

The council has committed itself to two hundred thousand Euros for 2016 with a possible extension for another year. The Muziekgebouw itself is also contributing two hundred thousand Euros from the so-called M-Fund. The other two hundred thousand Euros should come from the pre-financing of the major parties. The Muziekgebouw will start discussions with the major parties. In this way, the liquidity problem will be solved.

The Muziekgebouw is in financial dire straits. For a number years in a row they have not been able to keep within their budget. One reason is the rental price in relation to the subsidy-indexation. The building is owned by a US investment company, the council is the landlord.

The fact that the council has come up with the money is in contradiction with earlier points of view. Former culture councillor Marco van Dorst did not yield. He was of the opinion that the Muziekgebouw had to solve their own financial problems. His successor Yasin Torunoglu was of the same opinion.

The Muziekgebouw is also working hard to find solutions. One is a merger with the music venue Effenaar.

Source: Studio040
Translated by: Linda Govers

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