Informants name ‘Valkenswaard serial rapist’

Informants have actually said who they suspect as the “Valkenswaard serial rapist”. This is confirmed by a police spokeswoman at Studio040.

The man would have raped and assaulted twelve women between 1989 and 2010, in the area of Veldhoven and Valkenswaard. The perpetrator has not been found to date.

Last Monday and Tuesday the tracking programs ‘Bureau Brabant’ and ‘Opsporing Verzocht’ paid attention to the case. Meanwhile, the police have received 115 tips. "We did not expect so many tips. There are a lot of interesting tips," says the spokeswoman.

The victims described the perpetrator as a man between 50 and 55 years with an accent of Valkenswaard or Riethoven. He had rough working hands and he reeked of alcohol, sweat and cigarettes. He would have called himself Koosje.

The police can still say nothing substantive about the tips. "We do our best to examine all tips," the spokeswoman said.

Source: Studio040

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