DAF turns up production again to 200 trucks per day

Truck manufacturer DAF increases its production again: as of September 1, 200 trucks per day should be rolling of the assembly line. In Eindhoven 182, in British Leyland the remaining eighteen.

Also there are extra people needed: DAF is looking for 400 extra employees to make those trucks.

It is not the first time this year that production is increased. Since the beginning of this month, the number of trucks made per day did go up, even to 174 per day. But that is still not enough apparently.

According to DAF’s President Harrie Schippers, the demand for trucks increased throughout Europe. This is because the economic recovery is continuing here, he says.

DAF’s market share in Europe has also increased. Over 2014 this was 13.8 percent and in the first quarter of this year that already increased to 15.2 percent.

Source: Studio040

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