Bees at the Bijenkorf: hives on the roof

De Bijenkorf (literally bee hive) is now the base of real bees: since yesterday afternoon, there are real hives on the roof and a colony is living there. It is an initiative of Proeftuin040.

Proeftuin040 is an organization dedicated to promoting urban agriculture, and has now created BeeWare040. They want to protect bees in the city and in the region. It is hard for bees nowadays as, for example, tiled gardens have increased, and more and more the same crops are grown. At the same time bees are extremely important for biodiversity.

Hives on the roof of the Bijenkorf are just the outset. The idea is to eventually create a "bee trail" from Eindhoven along the Green Corridor, to Oirschot and the Groene Woud (area between Best and Boxtel).

Source: Studio040

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