“Philips supplied greenhouse lamps for cannabis farms”

Philips, the huge electronics company, has “knowingly supplied lamps for cannabis cultivation for many years,” said a former customer in the TV program Brandpunt last night, and seeks justice in court.

The former client, Hans Zondervan, claims that he was in business with Philips since 2002 for lamps provided to the marijuana industry. "Philips was fully aware of the usage in greenhouses. Even tests were performed with cannabis plants to investigate optimal use of the lamps," says Zondervan.

However, in 2013, Philips put an end to cooperation with Zondervan because the company wanted to have nothing to do anymore with cannabis cultivation. But Zondervan claims that Philips continued to supply to the cannabis industry, but through other channels and he is now pursuing them in court.

Philips announced that it has been pursuing active policies to ensure that their lamps do not end up in the hands of cannabis farm production. But when the lamps are sold or bought from other sources, this does not secure the intention not to provide lamps to the marijuana industry.

"The legal dispute with the former customer has been on-going for quite some time," says Philips and that the company no longer wants to deal with Zondervan. The company has also filed a counter claim and that Philips has for years not want to do business with him anymore. The company adds that they "trust a good outcome."

Source: Studio 040

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